Another Reason Why People Go For Pirated Products

The other day I saw the OMB going after pirated software. They are raiding office buildings. While the effort may be commendable, more is needed if piracy is to be stopped.

Believe it or not, some "pirates" are not totally free-loaders just looking for freebies. Some go for pirated media because it's the only option available to them. Just take my humble city for example. I know of maybe two or three legit software vendors around the city. And they carry only popular titles. What if I want to buy a less popular title? Do I have to go to Manila? The cost of the commute alone might be the same as the cost of the software itself and there is no guarantee that I'll find the software I'm looking for. There is also only one place in the city that I know that sells original CD's and DVD's. They don't even carry most of the titles I'm looking for. I don't want to purchase online because the price is the same if not more expensive. Most local, non-gadget merchants also require a credit card for purchases. Where do I go? See my point?

There are those who go to the streets and/or resort to file sharing because it's the only option available to them. If these people had the means, who can say that they won't buy original stuff?

What am I proposing? Improve local trade. Make sure people can find what they're looking for. Aside from SM City Batangas, there is practically nowhere in this city I can buy original media. And let's face it, a provincial mall's selection is not very wide.