A Different Kind Of Christmas List

Every year, people are excited about making their Christmas Wish Lists. I even have my own list last year. This year, I'm making a different kind of list.

I'll make a list of the things I'll be giving away. Yes, this will be a list of the gifts that I'll be giving this Christmas. First, my inaanaks (godchildren):

Elisha Rayah Camo - sister's kid (3 years)
Julian Pablo Dimaandal - brother's kid (1 year)
Jared Ezekiel Tolentino - cousin's kid (Kuya Aries) (1 year)
Carl DM Banaag - gf's nephew (3 years)
Lucas Kiel Morales - Bombits / Shalu's kid (1 year)
KL - cousin's kid (Ate Teresa) (8 years)
Popo - Duan's kid (1 or 2 years?)
Caiehly - Connie's kid (0 years)

For most of them it'll just be clothes and/or toys and/or money. :D

Myself - Canon EOS 500D

Ok, this is kinda stupid. I realize that I don't want to write what I'll buy in here. I want my gifts to be a sort of surprise. So I'll just make this a checklist.

Mahal - I have stuff in mind already which is good because I really suck at buying gifts.

I'll be buying more gifts this year, unlike last year. My budget is a little better this year.

And oh, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! :D