Filipino Wiki Users Need To Learn Some Manners

Exhibit 1 : The Local Manny Pacquiao Wikipedia Page. FFS, this is not Encyclopedia Dramatica or 4chan. I think this is rather hypocritical of us Filipinos if you ask me.

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Si Pacquiao ang kinakatakutan ni Floyd Mayweather Jr. na makalaban sa ring. Si Mayweather ay isang duwag at baklang boksingero na laging gumagamit ng istilo na pandaraya sa tuwing ito ay lalaban sa ring. Laging binabanggit ni Mayweather ang pangalan ni Pacquiao sa tuwing pinapanayam ito ng mga reporter. Ngunit kapag hinamon ni Pacquiao ng laban sa ring, agad nakakapag-isip si Mayweather ng mga dahilan at plano upang maiwasan kalabanin si Pacquiao. BADING SI MAYWEATHER!!!!!!!!Ang kaya niya lang labanan ay babae..BADING!!!! ANG ALAM NYA LANG AY TSUMUPA KAY 50 CENTS!

Granted that I share the editor's sentiments, I still think putting that in is wrong.

When I checked the last edit it says : Huling pagbabago: 11:56, 15 Nobyembre 2010. So it must be up for several hours by now.

I hope someone edits it soon. This is not the first time this happened in Wikipedia.

Filipinos need to stop being so sensitive. Just consider how much we get butt-hurt when we are criticized or even in the slightest ways. We get angry even when foreigners do it in a satirical manner. It's not like we don't make fun of other countries' accents adn customs in our local sitcoms. We need to learn to take everything with a grain of salt.