Fried Ice Cream Is Not Fried At All

I did something for the first time today. I tried fried ice cream. And I was a little disappointed.

Batangas City had its first taste of Fried Ice Cream at SM City Batangas. The line was ridiculously long. We tried queueing but after a few minutes, our patience ran out. Though I was really curious, I still decided that it's not worth it. I chose to wait when the hype has gone down and there were no long lines.

I have this notion that is really is fried. Though I have no idea how it could be, I just believed it's fried considering the number of people willing to wait in line just to have some. It looks like it's being fried from a distance. And I can't get close enough to the vendors to see if it really is, unless I wait in line and buy something.

Then today, I had a chance to have some from a less popular place. I saw how it's really made. It's just regular ice cream put in a blender/mixer until it's completely melted and liquefied. Then it's "fried" on top of a freezing pan. Yep, instead of the pan being hot, it's actually freezing cold. That's how the ice cream solidifies again. When it's solid, it's scraped from the pan and put in a cup. Then the vendors put in some toppings. Viola! "Fried" Ice Cream!

I was really fooled. Man, I'm really gullible! :)