Only Rich People Get Cancer?

This is a running joke. But have you ever thought about it in a deeper and more serious sense? Since I was a child I always hear things in the lines of 'cancer is the disease of the rich.' And me, not being rich and not ever knowing anyone or anyone who knows someone who has cancer, kind of believe this.

Even the hit 90's comedy sitcom FRIENDS made this joke. It's the part when Monica's (Courtney Cox) dad was making a speech on how average and mediocre Monica was. He said the line "...these people never get cancer..."

But why is that? Is it because of lifestyle? I mean, you don't hear poor people or middle-class citizens getting mesothelioma prognosis in their medical reports.

Maybe it's because rich people get to indulge more. These people are also more prone to lifestyle related diseases. But then again, some cancers are not caused by an extravagant lifestyle.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I want people I know to have cancer. I'm perfectly happy that I am not directly affected by this horrible disease. I feel for those people who died of cancer like Francis Magalona and even more for those they left behind.