Sick Again

I don't know what's wrong with my immune system. Lately, I've been getting sick a lot. Just a few months ago, I got the flu. Now, I', sick again! What's up with that?

First of all, my nose is so congested! I can barely breathe and my head hurts like hell. I barely got any sleep last night. But it's not like I have to buy soma. Though I can really get a lot better. On the bright side, I don't seem to have a fever. That means I can just have regualr cold medication and superdose myself with Vitamin C.

As I was falling asleep, I can feel dripping from my nose! Disgusting and irritating, I tell you. So everytime close my eyes and start to doze off, my nose wakes me up cause I have to wipe it! This really sucks.

I hate to feel this way especially that it's almost Christmas. How can I celebrate when I feel like this? I can't even taste all the food that we're gonna have. I can't drink and I can't stay up too late because it's cold.

Worse thing is that I have not done any Christmas shopping yet! I have not bought anything for my godchildren, all seven of them.