Time Time Time

This time of year is always a weird, busy and crazy time! Everything is happening at the same time.

Christmas is fast approaching. Everyone is shopping. Overseas Filipino workers are all coming back home for the Holidays. Christmas parties and reunions are held everywhere. Godparents with no gifts for their godchildren hone their ninja skills. Prices of products and services go up and down, it's crazy. As each second passes just like how howard miller grandfather clocks tick, everything gets wilder and wackier exponentially.

What to do? How to cope?

Two words - plan ahead.

To avoid the Christmas rush, get a nice calendar - virtual or otherwise. Google Calendar is a good choice if you spend a lot of time on your computer. Plot out important dates starting from the first of November.

Be proactive - start asking your circles of friends or colleagues for any Holiday plans so that you can set your schedule early.

Take note of the salary days and paydays then set your shopping days. Shop for the most important people first. Some gifts can wait until after the 25th. Take note that prices flactuate and stocks run out quickly during the Holidays. Have back-up gift ideas in case you are not able to get what you really want.

As much as possible, avoid days closer to Christmas Day. As I've said, the nearer we get to the 25th, the more hectic everything becomes.

Have fun. Enjoy the Holidays. :)