Britz Buffet in Batangas - Function Hall | Restaurant | Outside Bar/Veranda

A friend recently opened a resto/function hall/outdoor bar in the city. And well, it looks really nice.

Britz Buffet
Britz Buffet

The place is called Britz Buffet. It's stategically placed just adjacent of the Holy Trinity Church which is perfect for those looking for a reception venue for weddings in Batangas City. The place couldn't be more perfect. Now people won't have to worry about transportation from the wedding ceremony to the reception. They have two function halls for bigger and smaller sized gathering of all types.

The place is really classy which is nice for romantic dates and family dinners. Now Batangas city residents have more choices. Their Veranda is a really nice place to just chill and listen to relaxing live music in the weekend if you don't feel like partying in one of the nearby bars.

Next time you're looking for a place to hold your gathering, have a classy dinner or just relax in the weekend, consider Britz Buffet in the city.

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