The D90 Craze - Maybe I Should Have Bought A Nikon??

I am firm believer that there is no significant difference between Canon and Nikon DSLR's. Surely, a lot of photo enthusiasts have their own pick between the two and each brand has its own strenghts and weaknesses. But when it comes down to it, it's still about the one taking the picture and not the camera.

Having said that, I bought a Canon not because I believe it's a superior brand than Nikon. I bought a Canon because I feel closer to the brand for several reasons.

But of the people that I know that have SLR's, I think only three of them have Canon's. Most of them own a D90. Yes that specific Nikon model. I know at least six people who carry a D90 with them (though most of them are overseas). I feel that it's not a high-end entry level camera, everyone has it. I know only two people using a Nikon that's not a D90. Now, should I have bought a Nikon instead? And it's not because of peer pressure or anything like that, but because if I had bought a Nikon, I'd have more people to borrow stuff from. If I'd ever join a shoot or photowalk, I can borrow a flash or a lens. Because let's face it, it's not a cheap hobby and from the looks of things, I wont be able to buy any new stuff for a while. (Aside from the price of photography accessories, I don't think there are any photo shops here in Batangas city. I'd have to go to Manila or buy online.)

But hey, I already made my purchase. At least I got an old lens from our old analog SLR. The lens is obsolete and it doesn't have IS but it's of a different focal length so I can still find some use for it. And hopefully, I'd be able to buy stuff in the future.