Experiences Are Really Priceless

Amidst all the sad news around the music industry lately, I realize that experiences are really priceless.

I realize that I am thankful that I was able to watch at least two live gigs of Bamboo when they were still intact. I tell you, the energy they have on tv and radio is multiplied at least ten times when you watch them live. One of the best live performers in the local scene ever - Bamboo (the band and the front man). I was also able to watch one gig of Sugerfree with Ebe back in college. This was the time when their only hit was Mariposa - well before Hari ng Sablay and everything else.

One of my biggest regret is that I never watched Hale perform live. I always to watch them perform live. I don't really like their later efforts but I really loved their first album. It was something refreshing and smooth.

Well all that is behind us now. Those are three lineups we'll likely never see on stage again. Maybe a very chosen few will get to see one of those groups perform one random evening in some underground gig in a spontaneous jam. That'd be awesome. Or perhaps they'll do a reunion concert five years from now. I prefer watching the former. Besides, Hale is unlikely to do a reunion concert of sorts in any grandeur setting.

When I think about it, the price of a piece of paper to get you in some dark venue to watch people play instruments is very, very much worth it, however overpriced you might think it is. I told myself repeatedly from 2005 onwards that if the Eraserheads would hold a reunion concert, I'd watch it no matter how much it costs. And in 2008, I did. And it was fucking worth it.

So the next time you get a chance to see a show or travel or just to try something new, grab it. You might never get that experience again.