Yes Ma'am - Three Fights; I Wish UP Had A Similar Cheer

This is from the band Yes Ma'am. The title is Three Fights. It's an Ateneo cheer song if you can believe it. Ateneo's tag line is One Big Fight and the song's title is Three Fights.

I wish my school had a similar cheer. UP is known to have bred some of the country's top musicians like the Eraserheads but I don't know of any musician from UP in recent or not-so-recent history who has made something like this. Don't get me wrong, I love music bred from my school (especially my campus). I just wish we had done something kick-ass like this. Props to the band.

Fun Fact: This band's guitarist is Ashley, Alodia's sister.

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Marcee - Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar
Ashley - Lead Guitar/ Electronica/ 2nd Vocals
Ida - Violin
Cindy - Bass
Maya - Drums