Paalam nAPO Concert DVD - APO Hiking Society Farewell Concert DVD

I am looking for it.

Anyone know where I can get it? I follow Jim Paredes on Twitter and he has mentioned it a few times. He says that it is (was?) available on a limited basis in the US and Aus (I think). Given that fact, I can safely assume that it is NOT available on local (legal) record stores. How sad.

There are no available copies online, too. And no, I am not looking for bootleg downloads. I am very much willing to pay for an original copy for something like this, if there is one.

I wish they'd sell the APO Hiking Society Farewell Concert DVD over here in the Philippines.

Growing up, I wasn't really a big fan of APO. I do kwow a lot of their songs but not until we got a copy of their album at home did I really start to appreciate their music. Now I wish I had seen them in concert even just once.