Post-EDSA 25 Post

Just a few stuff that I read about EDSA 1's first anniversary.

Time and again, I see people including Senator Bongbong Marcos questioning the success of EDSA 1. Their argument always include the state of the country today. At first thought, it looks like they have a point. However, I don't buy their reasoning.

I believe that EDSA 1 happened to free the country from tyranny and NOT to ensure a prosperous future.

What happens to the us after the People Power Revolution depends on everyone and not on the people who started and supported the uprising. It's up to us how we take care of the country's economy and infrastracture. We have a lot of tools today like business email marketing that we can use to improve our economy and businesses.

One of the things that I read that I really liked about EDSA 1 came from Twitter.

actually, one of EDSA's biggest success is you can actually question it

The fact that yoe are free to question EDSA 1's success means that it is successful. Cheers to being Filipino. :)