Recycling And Using Less Plastic Products Won't Save Mother Earth

I believe that it's a huge misconception that recycling and using less plastics will help save Mother Earth.

My logic is really simple. Less usage of plastic products means more consumption of paper products or other alternatives. Increased usage of wood products means more trees are cut down. The problem is still there, you're just shifting it in another area.

But we can recycle paper and other products!

Those recycling plants and processes consume lots of energy and produce waste too. So the "good" effect is proportional to the energy consumed and waste products. It just kinda evens out.

The way I see it, people are jsut trying to make themselves feel better about abusing our resources. That's just sad.

However, I do believe in the last two R's. Reuse and Reduce. To really help save the Earth, reduce your consumption and reuse the stuff you have! No need for fancy recycling nonsense!