Smallville is the Twilight For Men

This came as a shock for me. But as I watch an old video from more than 10 years ago, I came to this realization.

For some strange reason, I thought of one of my favorite TV shows while I was watching Tal Bachman's She's So High. This was one of my favorite videos back then. I used to wait for it all the time to play on MTV and Channel V. Anyway, the video made me think of Kristin Kreuk and how Smallville, despite having a beautiful leading lady and a guy as a hero, has more male fans (at least in my age group then).

Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk as Clark Kent and Lana Lang Kissing
And I came to this analysis:

It's because average teenage boys identify and relate so well with the young Clark Kent. We all feel that we are just this ordinary, run-in-the-mill guy outside but deep inside, we are indestructible. Moreover, this average guy has two leading ladies. Two women are competing for his affection, much in the same way as two freaks of nature are competing for an average school girl's affection in Twilight.

So in some ways, Smallville can be considered as the Twilight for men. This is kind of sad for me because I really dislike Twilight and I absolutely loved Smallville. And I'd like to put emphasis on the word 'loved' - as in past tense. I'm talking about the first few seasons only. When there was Lex, Lana, Clark, Chloe, Pete and the original group, right before everything got crazy-stupid.

So there you go:

Clark Kent ~ Bella Swan.