In Fairness To The "Gaddafi Performers"

Of late, reports are coming out that certain international pop stars performed for the Libyan leader. Now that Gaddafi is under heavy pressure from the international community, these performers are getting somewhat the same treatment. I think that's unfair.

Among the few named were Mariah Carey, Nelly Furtado and Beyonce Knowles.

People have to work. It's not like these people performed as an act of favor for the Libyan colonel. They were doing their job. They were paid to do it.

What's bothering is that people are so quick to judge these performers based on the mere fact that they performed for Gaddafi. There are a few things to consider:

Did these singers know that Gaddafi is such a hostile and violent figure? If so, then they should have known better and opted to pass on the gig. Shame on them. If not, why? They should at least do a little background check on people that hire them. We can see how things back fire. If the former is the case, then I say we can bitch on these people to our heart's content.

Now these performers are saying that they will donate their 'talent fee' to charity. But if they had known the kind of person Gaddafi is, I say this is just a hypocrytical 'gesture.' It just adds insult to the injury.

Yes, they are at fault to a point but let us put things in perspective and take a deeper look.


On related thought: If Gaddafi can easily pump out at least $1 million in party expenses, imagine how much money he puts in on more 'serious' matters like say, military power. The thought of this whole Libyan crisis going into full blast is just scary.