Launching New Stuff Soon (I hope)

Over the next few days, I'm planning to launch a few new stuff. After around 30 blogs of which mainly are not successful, I hope these new ones will see a brighter future.

For one thing, I'll be launching them on Wordpress from day 1 so I'll be needing good wordpress web hosting. This is also so that I won't be having migration dilemmas. While Blogger is a strong platform, I'm planning to launch a venture that will require me to get more and more familiar with Wordpress.

I want to launch a "couple website," kind of like a digital scrap book but way cooler. It's going to contain pictures, short stories, videos and anything really about us. It's a lot better than stuffing all our memories on Facebook. At least with our own domain, we can call it our "home."

Next, I want to create a formal photo blog. All my photo-related posts will go there. I can document all the things I learn and all the things I want to share - photos, tips and more. And hopefully, I can see improvement on my work as well.

Next up is a "business website." I want to formally create a brand and face for services I'll be offering.

Hopefully everything goes well. Again, everything will be in Wordpress so I'm really excited! :)