Mo Twister and the Azkals

Mo Twister is getting heat from the fans of local football stars the Azkals.

Normally, I would not side with a loud-mouth and showbiz talk show host. But he does have a very strong point. I do believe that the Azkals are getting way too much attention.

Mo Twister
Yes they 'introduced' a new sport to the Filipino masses and gave some prestige to the country. But their recent sports achievements are nowhere near deserving of the fame and media hype they are getting. A Facebook friend posted this as his status weeks ago and more people are starting to take notice.

Yes Mo crosses the line sometimes and he gets in trouble for being too outspoken but I'm totally siding with him on this one. His points about Nonito Donaire and the Philippine Dragonboat Rowing team are unarguable. Donaire is now Ring Magazine's Number 3 P4P fighter in the world, beating long-time boxing veterans!

Moreover, Philippine pool players are continuously winning abroad, one of the latest being Orcullo. But is this getting the same media hype? Hardly. There is more news about the Younghusband's relationship status. How lame.

This speaks volumes about the level of journalism we have in the country today. The line between headlines and entertainment news is quickly blurring. With Donaire's achievements as of late, news items on him choose to focus on his rift with his family. If the Azkals didn't have those half-Pinoy brothers, they would not be getting this much attention. Hell, I was surprised that Phil Younghusband's Twitter activities made it to the headlines!

Crab mentality? Hardly. If you think that's what this is, stop oversimplifying things and dig a little deeper and think about what I really want to say.