Facebook Etiquette Part 1 - Tagging Pictures

I introduce to you a new series - Facebook Etiquette.

Part 1 - Tagging Pictures

When your friends' friends tag them in pictures, you see that picture too. Or at least you see a big thumbnail.

Now, I get it when people tag their friends on pictures of products they're selling online. Almost half of my news feed are pictures of baby clothes, perfumes, slimming pills and what-have-you. So far, it's in a very tolerable level. I understand everyone needs to make a buck these days.

But in under no circumstances should you tag a friend on a disgusting and/or gory picture like the ones you see on rotten.com. It's NOT cool. Friends and friends' friends see that picture too (depending on your privacy settings). Some people are snacking while browsing through social networks. I do not want to see a bloody, chopped off foot open while eating turon or banana-q! Not everyone has a nurse's or doctor's gore tolerance.

If you MUST absolutely show a disgusting picture to a Facebook contact, use the fucking personal msg system! That's what's it's there for. Insisting to tag people in disgusting pictures (that they may not even be related to!) just displays a desperate craving for attention that they don't get off-line.