I Should Really Start Eating Healthy

People in their mid-20's tend to get lost in the fast pace of everyday life and everything in between and forget a very important aspect of themselves - their health. And sadly, I am one of those people.

I don't know much about nutrition, diet, exercise and healthy living and all that jazz but I do know one thing about taking care of your body - everything starts from proper diet and exercise. And being the lazy and hard-to-motivate person that I am, I plan to start with eating healthy.

It's a choice between eating healthy and starting to exercise - so it's a no brainer, eating healthy is the less strenuous physical activity and it's less tiring. Albeit, it's less enjoyable. But we'll see.

For me, eating healthy means adding a LOT of stuff on my diet and reducing my intake of a few things. For starters, I need to get more greens into my body. I don't eat fruits and vegetables since I was a kid, except for a few choice ones. Aside from the fact that I don't taste anything when I try to *eat them, it also doesn't help that I'm allergic to most vegetables. My reactions range from minor inflammation on the lips to more serious diarrhea attacks. I need to figure out a way to get more vitamins, fiber and all that other good stuff you get from plants into my body. I wonder how...

*(imagine yourself eating paper or cotton balls - you feel you're chewing something but you don't taste anything. That's how I feel when I eat fruits and/or veggies.)

That's about it for food intake. I already consume enough meat, it's not like I need more protein from protein bars or anything. If anything, I need to lessen my meat intake. Which brings me to the next part - things I should eat less.

Yes, I have to eat less meat. But once I figure out how to eat more plants (fruits and vegetables), I think things will balance out. So that problem should take care of itself. The real problem is reducing my sweets consumption. My family has a history of diabetes. In fact, my grandfather died of diabetes before I was born. Anyway, it's not like I eat candies all day, everyday 24/7. But when I do crave, I eat a lot - sometimes in one sitting, sometimes in small but very numerous amounts. And it's the same for drinks. I often crave for sweet and cold drinks like ice-cold juice, cola, coffee and chocolate shake.

Doesn't look good does it? But as they say, accepting and acknowledging is the first part of solving a problem so at least I know I'm getting there. I just have to work hard.

Wish me luck!