One Of The First Things Any Guy Should Buy When He Lands His First Job

Oftentimes, when a guy lands his first job, talks about fun-times and what-to-buy ensues. But here is one thing any guy should consider getting when he lands his first job. And you'd never expect what it is.

Men, I implore you to consider buying yourself a nice Barong Tagalog. Yes, that's right. (or if you're in a higher social circle, a nice suit) And throw in a nice pair of pants to match.

Presumably, a guy working for the first time is around his 20s. Starting at that point, his closest circle of friends will start to get married one by one. It's very handy to have a Barong in your closet at all times. This eliminates the difficulty of renting one every time you attend a wedding as an abay.

Of course there will be times when you'll be needing a more special attire than the usual barong. But if you're like me, those times don't come often. In the end, it's all about personal needs. But still, having a suit always ready wouldn't hurt.

So if you're a guy who just landed his first job or if you notice that you're always chosen as one of the groom's men, it may be time to consider getting a yourself a nice Barong Tagalog to save yourself the trouble of always renting in the future.

I made this decision about three years ago when my brother got married. While looking at Barongs in Taal, I thought of the hassle of travelling back and forth just to pick up and send back the fine clothing. I figured that if I bought one, I woulnd't have to take it back and I can always use it over and over. So I just bought one. And I've used that Barong four or five times after that. I have spent less than I would if I rented over and over.

The only drawback I can think of is the cleaning process. After each use, I have to have it dry-cleaned, which isn't very cheap (but still cheaper than renting one). But hey, it's still way less trouble than renting one. And with all the crazy things going around wedding planning, it's one less thing everyone has to worry about.