Consoles are dying?

In response to this.

Video game consoles have been around for approx thirty years. MS, Nintendo and Sony will NOT let the console market die. Lalo na ngayon, lumiliit na ang share ng MS sa desktop market. And their Internet and mobile efforts are not paying off very well. They NEED to bank on gaming. I think that's their biggest cash cow today. And Nintendo has been around for literally more than a hundred years. You can't expect them to give up that easily in the next ten years.

"The gaming systems that will succeed in the future will be those that manage to move away from being focused solely on video games and more on other entertainment options such as movies, evolving from a traditional game console into more of a set-top box."
---consoles have been doing this for YEARS. The PS3 can play blu-ray and the three major consoles support in-demand content like NetFlix. And yet the author predict that this product line will "die?" He's a little self-contradictory.

Also, the video game audience has a "fanboy" culture. Anything not built specifically for gaming is not likely to get strong and lasting support from the "hardcore" video game community. While tablets and smartphones may continue to "ramp up" their gaming capabilites, if you still call them "tablets" and "smartphones," they will not appeal to the "real" gamer. Nokia has released two gaming phones, Sony has one, and Apple has bragged that its iOS platform offers and excellent gaming experience. But NONE of these efforts enticed the real gamer. They have attracted casual gamers a little. But while casual gamers may be big in numbers, they are not your repeat customers (real business). Nintendo learned this the hard way with the Wii. And while millions of iOS devices have been sold, I don't think anyone bought it specifically for gaming.

Author needs to do a little more research.