Why Don't I Feel The Christmas Season?

A few weeks ago, I thought it was normal since it's still several weeks away. But today is the 21st of December and I still feel like November.

I don't feel like getting Champagne to celebrate. Even if I've started telling myself that I'm getting old and Christmas is going to be different from before, this year the Christmas Cheer just seems too elusive. Part of it is because of the tragedy in CDO and Iligan. It's hard to celebrate knowing other people are suffering like that. And because of this event, the media is showing more depressing news updates. I think they are also careful not to seem too festive so they won't come off as insensitive like Pnoy did.

Even with that said, I still don't feel the Christmas Season. It's Thursday tomorrow. Christmas is on Sunday. What's worse, I still haven't done any Christmas shopping yet! Hello, last-minute shopping crowds!

Anyway, it's still a few more days away, I still have a chance.