Why I Had To Say Goodbye To My Old Phone

1-1/2 years after using my LG KM555, I decided it's best to part with my first LG phone.

What happened?

Well, the phone is still works fine. It can still make calls and send messages. WiFi still works and pretty much everything else. But during the last year and a half that I owned it, it's slowly dying. And it continues to do so.

Here are some of its problems due to everyday use -

Battery life - this is one of the biggest problems. My battery has the infamous "memory issue." It doesn't stay charged for long. I can't use the phone when I'm outside the house. That pretty much beats the whole purpose of a "mobile" phone.

Can't save new contacts - I can't save any new contacts. I tried deleting stuff from my phone and memory card. I tried deleting some people from my contacts list - didn't work. This pretty much makes my phone useless too.

Non-working physical buttons - The volume-up and the camera button doesn't work. You have to press it crazy hard for it to work.

Sluggish - the phone gets more and more slugging whilst navigating through applications

Headset - the left ear piece gave up way too early in the phone package's life.

Furthermore, here are a few things that also bugged me. They're not really from daily use but phone limitations from the get-go.

Message limit - somehow, I can only save a total of 450 messages in the phone's folders.

Screen brightness - it's a struggle to read what's on the screen under direct sunlight even on max brightness

No slot for stylus on the phone - the cloth pouch has a slot for the stylus but this is an inconveniece for stylus-users who don't want to use the pouch. That pouch doesn't do a very good job as well. After a while it gets loose and the stylus can easily slip through.

Now I don't know what to do with this phone. With all its problems, it's very unpractical to purchase this phone. However, I know it's still worht something.