Food and such...

Recently I attended this wedding with really amazing food. They had Juan Carlo the Caterer. It was amazing. We started off with chicken wings and this deep-fried crispy leaves which was really good. Too bad, I can't have too much greens. For the main course, they had penne, lasagna and everything. It was a carbo-overload. I know it's not healthy but I ate my heart out. It's not everyday that you get to attend a wedding with a premiere caterer, after all.

They had an amazing dessert bar too. It had salad with fresh vegetables. But the highlight for me was the chocolate fountain. I never thought that chocolate-covered marshmallows would be so delicious. They also had an assortment of finger food like biscotti and such. Too bad I wasn't able to try much of the finger food because I was really full. One thing that would have made the dinner even better was coffee, really good coffee.

After the wedding I realized that I have been craving for food a lot more than usual lately. Maybe it's because of the appetite I got back from recently quitting smoking again. Night after night, I long for fried rice with lumpiang shanghai (spring rolls) with hot vegetable soup. I crave for delicious burgers. And no, not fast-food-type burgers, I mean real burgers. I want cheesy pizza and tasty sandwiches.

fried rice

When I had the budget, I never had these cravings. At least, not as often. Sucks that I'm broke.