What you Need to Know about Online Privacy

What you Need to Know about Online Privacy

Not all publicity is good publicity. In today’s technologically savvy world, what others can discover about you online can easily affect your ability to rent an apartment, get a job, or gain acceptance into the school of your choice. Given the wide array of communication and social networking tools available to disgruntled customers today, your online reputation can also easily destroy your business.

It is no longer a matter of what others think about you. Your personal reputation is now at the mercy of blogs, social networks, and search engines. Mistaken identity, youthful indiscretions, defamation, and libel can be captured online forever. Even if the information reported about you online has no basis in fact, it can still significantly harm your professional and personal reputation.

Although protecting your online reputation has become more difficult, it has also become more necessary. Things can quickly go viral on the Internet and spiral out of control before a victim even realizes it. Before you are even aware of it, negative posts and false accusations can cost you a professional opportunity or prevent you from finding the love of your life.

The Need for Online Defense
Even if you are not a celebrity or professional athlete, what is said by you and about you online can ultimately prove to be detrimental to your employment prospects and other opportunities. There are ways to fight back and take control of your online reputation, including businesses that specialize in providing online reputation management services. One of the more well-known businesses is Reputation.com. As pointed out in articles by Michael Fertik, CEO & Founder of Reputation.com, there are things you can do about negative information published about you online. You do not have to simply accept the consequences of negative search results.

Whether it is a blog post, social networking site, or other online information portal, there are steps you can take to positively manage your online reputation to ensure you do not miss crucial opportunities due to negative search results. The first step is to discover the extent of your online footprint. In order to combat negative search results, you must first know what is out there.

Ignoring the problem and simply hoping it will go away is never an effective solution. Unfortunately, anything that is said by you or about you online can live on in perpetuity. Taking proactive online reputation management steps today can ensure you never forced to forego an important opportunity in the future because of one damaging search result.