Go Karting at Enchanted Kingdom

Yesterday, I went go-karting at Enchanted Kingdom in Santa Rosa, Laguna.

The experience was a first time for me.

About 11 years ago, I went to the Laguna theme park for the first time. I wanted to go and try the said attraction back then but I didn't know there was an extra charge. I didn't have the extra money to spend that day. This time around, I came prepared.

Go Karting at Enchanted KingdomThe ride costs 380 Pesos for 10 minutes for single karts. Two-seat karts cost 460 Pesos. There was barely any waiting time. They make you sign a waiver which basically says "we're not responsible if you hurt or kill yourself or others." They also make you watch an instructional video which is relatively useful. The people were also generally very nice.

I have a few issues though:

The helmets are very, very smelly. They could have at least included cheap face masks on the price of the admission for the ride so that riders can protect their faces from the interior of the helmet which very, very snugly hugs the face.

They didn't inform me that I can lower the bar from the gas and brake pedals down. At first my feet were touching the mechanical parts when I was turning the steering wheel. I got close to another rider and saw his foot on the pedals where the bars on the front bars were down. After I lowered mine down, it was a remarkably better ride.

I'm not really sure if we need side mirrors and seat belts on those things but my ride would have been better if we had. There was this maniac who looked like he's been riding go karts for a long time. He was passing-by everyone with ease. Being that most of us were beginners there, it would have been better if the karts had side mirrors so that we can see if that speeder is approaching us. Most of us there didn't have that maniac's experience and reflexes. And you only need one arrogant asshole to ruin everyone's day.

Go Karting is an extremely size-discriminatory theme-park ride. My waist is a size-34 and I fit very snugly in the seat with very little room to spare. Anyone significantly bigger than me will have a very uncomfortable ride or worse, won't be able to fit in the tiny seats at all.

But even with all that, I can still say that it was an incredibly amazing experience. If it sparks your interest and you have the additional cash to burn, I suggest you try it at least once.