Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-57CZ Review

Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-57CZ

Acer Aspire F15 F5-573G-57CZ Review

I recently bought a new laptop and here is my review for it.


- Windows 10 Home SL 64bit

- Intel Core i5-6200U Processor 2.3GHz (3M Cache, up to 2.80GHz)

- 4GB of DDR4 system memory using two soDIMM module

- 2TB 2.5-inch 5400 RPM

- 15.6-inch Full HD 1920 x 1080
- High-brightness Acer ComfyViewTM
- LEDbacklit TFT LCD
- Supporting Acer ColorBlast technology
- 16:9 aspect ratio

- NVIDIA® GeForce® 940MX
- 2GB of dedicated GDDR5

- 8X DVD-Super Multi double-layer drive

• 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless LAN
• Operates at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
• 1x1 MU-MIMO technology
• Bluetooth® 4.1 1 LAN
• Gigabit Ethernet, Wake-on-LAN ready

- HD camera with:
• 1280 x 720 resolution
• 720p HD audio/video recording
• High dynamic range imaging (HDR
- Two built-in stereo speakers
- Built-in digital microphone

- 381.6(W) x 259(D) x 23/28.45(H) mm (15.02 x 10.2 x 0.91/1.12 inches)

- 2.3 kg (5.07 lbs.) with 4-cell battery pack

- 3-Pin 65W AC adapter

- 62.2Wh
- 2800mAh
- 11.1V
- 6-cell Li-ion battery

- SD Card reader
- HDMI® port with HDCP support
- 3.5 mm headphone/speaker jack, supporting headsets with built-in microphone
- USB 3.1 Type-C
- Ethernet (RJ-45) port
- 2 x USB 3.0 ports with one featuring power-off USB charging
- 1 x USB 2.0 port


The main selling point for this laptop is the Full HD screen. A full HD screen is harder to find in this price point. It's great for productivity. But viewing angles start to suffer at three to four feet away from the screen when watching videos not looking on it dead center.

A good addition is the built-in Bluelight Shield software from Acer which automatically adjusts screen color temperature depending on time of the day. This is perfect for people not doing color-sensitive work.


The keyboard has nice tactile feel, the best you can get for a laptop this price. The numpad on the right is a good addition. I prefer a separate power button laid-out away from the keyboard though. A separate power button for the screen would be a great addition as well.

The keyboard has no backlight which is unfortuante.


Trackpad is nice and large. It's very accurate.

Edit Do NOT buy this model or any from entire F5-573G family (I'm guessing they use the same build but with different internals). Three weeks in and the trackpadpad clicked is broken. I am not even using the trackpad! For some reason, it decided to break. What's worse is that this unit is out of warranty since I opened it and installed an SSD.


Horsepower is certainly not for cpu-intensive activities. Content creators need to look elsewhere. However, the Skylake i5 cpu is perfect for regular office work for power users. Yes, less powerful hardware can work but more serious users wont find the snappiness they are looking for.

Ram is acceptable at 4gb. This is only acceptable because it's upgradeable. I am planning to upgrade this once the warranty expires.

GPU is perfect for less serious gamers. You won't max out modern games at 1080p, 60fps but you will be able to run games. You can play triple A games form 2016 at 1080p with medium to low settings at 40 - 50fps. Bumping the settings down to 720p can get you over 60fps at medium settings.


Storage space is a huge plus. The laptop comes with a 2TB HDD. Though I had to partition it myself.

I am, however, confused why manufacturers still include an optical drive. I am willing to pay a little bit more for an SSD or pay less and just skip out the optical drive all together. Or they can bump down the HDD configuration to include at lease a 120gb SSD.

Input and Output

This is another area where the laptop shines. The unit has an impressive set of ports for its price point. I, however, found a little difficulty with the USB ports; they're a little tight. The USB Type-C is a very welcome addition.


This is the by-far the weakest link for this model. The palm rest along with the rest of the face looks but until skin gets in contact with it. It's a huge fingerprint magnet. This is the same with the cover.

The hinge is solid though only time will tell how good it will hold out.

There are no feet/risers! A major disappointment!

The number of screws suggest that the unit is not upgrade-friendly. When I try to remove the cover from underneath, I broke the plastic; big fat bummer.


The speakers are downward-firing and are average at best. I'm even willing to say that the speakers are more on the cheap side. If you absolutely need sound, it's there. Don't expect anything stellar.


The webcam is trash. An older mid-range laptop of mine has a better webcam. Edit The webcam is actually decent. For some reason, the default Windows Camera app is garbage.