Acer F15 F5-573G-57CZ SSD Upgrade

After using SSDs on my other laptop and desktop, I found HDD boot drives unusable. I needed to install an SSD boot drive on my new laptop.

This is what the SSD slot looks like:

It's an m.2 slot. From the looks of it, it fits SATA and NVME M.2 SSDs. Since other laptop models from this family line came with SATA m.2 drives, I opted to go for a SATA drive. It's cheaper and I'm not really sure if my motherboard fully supports NMVE speeds anyway.

This is what I bought:

It's a 250gb Samsung 850 EVO drive. I got it for around $100 US from Ayos Computers. (Smooth transaction with the seller. They are very responsive. Though shipping with LBC was a nightmare, use JRS if you can. I would buy from Ayos again if they promise to ship using JRS.)

Installation of the SSD is quick and painless if you know what you're doing.

Hardware installation takes five minutes and you just need one screw driver. Major disappointment with the Samsung SSD though is that it does not come with a screw. You'd think big name products wouldn't have to deal with these little issues.

Notice - Installing this SSD did most like void my warranty as I removed the warranty sticker and opened the back panel. I think this is bullshit since buyers should have the option to upgrade the product they bought without voiding the warranty.

Software installtion takes more work. I used Macrium Reflect to clone my boot drive. Note - this latop came with a 2TB HDD with just one partition. When I first set it up, I used MiniTool to partition the drive. I separated it into 500gb drives and set the boot drive to 200gb. From the start, I knew that I will need an SSD that's why I set the boot drive to 200gb. And like I said, since this is my third SSD, cloning and setting up the boot drive was relatively easy. After cloning the drive, I set the SSD as the primary boot drive in the BIOS.

Once again, I have 15-second boot times and just an overall snappier experience in Windows. Yes, SSDs are significantly pricier than HDDs in terms of cost per gigabyte BUT the speed improvement is definitely worth it for me.